My friend Blueyes 3.38K

This is my dedication page to my first online friend - Melyssa aka Blueyes. I have met a lot of fantastic people on the Net, but she's the first one I corresponded with, & got to know. I didn't realize that online friendships could be really sincere until I found this one for myself. I wasn't originally looking for friends in cyberspace because I have plenty in my life already. We just started emailing each other little notes & funny fwd's because we have similar sense of humors. Right from the start, Blueyes was ready to jump in & help me if I needed anything. She has lots of online friends, & she would even get them to assist me if she couldn't herself. I learned that this is a person I can depend on & I wanted to be there for her in return.

Well, Melyssa's gone through some really bad times during the course of our friendship. Every time she would come to grips with one hard knock, another one would come along & knock her down again. Now there's only so much a person can take before they start feeling like they can't get up again. That's when I got scared for her. If you want to know the particulars, you'll have to get the 411 from Blueyes at her own homepage, which I've linked to at the bottom of this page. For the purposes of this website, I can only tell my side. I saw that there was nothing I could do for her as she slipped deeper & deeper into darkness. She had tried to keep up a good face for everyone, but it crumbled. That's when I started on this page, so I could show my friend how much she means to me while I have a chance. We don't know what tomorrow will bring for any of us.

So I tell you today Missy, that your friendship is one of my great pleasures. It's such a good feeling to know that you're out there somewhere being yourself & bringing joy to those you come in contact with. The poems you wrote & dedicated to your online friends mean a lot to me. I like to read them when I need a pick-me-up. Those words are so true & descriptive of us. Anyone who wants to read more of Blueyes poetry can find them on her site. These two are here as my personal favorites.

Online Friendship
Although you are a friend of mine
And letters we exchange
I would not know you on the street
And doesn't that seem strange?
You hold a place within my life
Unusual and unique
We share ideals and special dreams
And still we do not speak
I picture what I think you are
Perhaps you picture me?
An intriguing game for both of us
For someone we cannot see.
So for this friendship we possess
We owe this mail a debt
Perhaps the charm lies in the fact
It was our hearts that met.

Like two birds in the night,
flying alone,
we somehow found each other
and our hearts touched,
warmed by the thought
of finding another heart
that was like thine own
and comforted to know
that loneliness was now
a thing of the past,
to be forgotten
and never dwelled
upon again...
Thank you, my friend,
for all that you have been for me.

All poems on this page Copyright 1999, Blueyes

Thank you so much for the dedication Blu. I carry it with me always. As I've told you, this is the sweetest thing anybody has ever done with me in mind. I'm so much more touched than I could put into words, so I wanted to make something for you - this globe. It represents hope & strength - two things that I want you to remember you have within you - just look deep into your heart & you'll find them whenever you think you've lost them. I have faith in you, so don't you ever stop having faith in yourself.

Snowglobe for Melyssa
Click on Snowglobe to go see Blueyes homepage & meet her for yourself :-)

Missy, I just want to say one thing in closing. You've given me so much - you're generous with awards & make me feel good about myself, you make me laugh, & you've given your heartfelt friendship. What more could I ask for? Even if all the pc's on Earth were to disappear tomorrow & I never got to hear from you again, I'd still keep remembering you & smiling when I do.

Friends Forever
Guess who has the other half :-)