The purpose of this page is for me to make a list for myself of what I am thankful for & it's here for anyone who passes by to see. Some of the things I mention may seem too dry to mention, but I never talk so much about myself in person, so I figure I might as well get it out of my system while I'm doing this web page.

Things I like or think about

Roses (not just because I was named after them, though that adds to it).

Chocolate - the taste to die for.
Cats & Horses.

Candles (the scented ones are heavenly), & even Potpourri.

Elves, Faeries & other fantasy creatures, including Leprechauns that are often forgotten.

Rain (when I can stay in bed & sleep to the sounds of it pattering against the windows); I have the hardest time staying awake on rainy days & it's not from boredom, just extreme comfort.

Opera cd's playing really loud; & once in a while actually attending one (though I've only been to see a handful). I plan to go more often when I'm out of school.
As long as I have opera tickets (at a future time), I'd also have season tickets to basketball games (in whichever state I'm living in).

Pre-20th Century times like ancient Rome, Renaissance Italy, England at any past time, or even colonial America (I might like to visit,but...)

Running naked thru the park (no, not really),

Collecting Star Trek badges & pins (everyone's entitled to at least one dorky habit); it's not as if I dress up or anything - I just go & observe.

Visiting people's homepages & working on mine.

Traveling - I spent last summer in Paris & even visited a few other countries while there. It was definitely the best time ever!

Constellations, & even some astrology (I'm a Taurus born in the year of the hare).

& I Love my Friends (you know who you are). My Baby should be at the top of the list, but I hadn't met him yet when I compiled it. :-)

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