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Reading the contents of this page will result in the loss of moments of your life that you can not get back. Proceed with caution if you choose to continue.

Okay, just about every personal web page that I have liked has had a section about the person behind the page. So this is my obligatory shpiel about the inner workings of me. If you've heard enough already, please do move on. I'll take no offense from it. If you actually want to know more (about me), read on.

I am currently working @ a dead-end job that is not even in my field. The only thing that keeps me there is a really great friend who's also stuck there until she finds something better.
My hobbies include visiting web pages, reading books and magazines, collecting human body parts (j/k), coloring (great tension reliever - I recommend it highly), and generally annoying my friends with my caustic humor. I like movies, but don't get to see too many. I would be tuning into the Sci-Fi channel, but can't because of my hectic schedule. The only night I get to be a couch tater is on Thursday nights - that's a tradition I won't give up.

That probably sums me up w/o giving away any more details that no one wants to know. If you've heard too much, it's your own fault b/c I warned you not to read this. ;-) Thanx for your time in any case.

P.S. I'll try to scan in a couple of pics sometime; since I'm not photogenic, there's no hurry. If you're curious, I'm a nice, avg-looking girl with an above-avg personality (well, that's my goal anyway).

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