Merry Meet

The purpose of this page is for me to make a list for myself of what I am thankful for & it's here for anyone who passes by to see. Some of the things I mention may seem too dry to mention, but I never talk so much about myself in person, so I figure I might as well get it out of my system while I'm doing this web page.

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Things I like or think about

Roses (not just because I was named after them, though that adds to it).

Chocolate - the taste to die for.

Purple - the color of my soul. -Looks divine with black.

Cats & Horses - my favorite animals.

Candles (the scented ones are heavenly), & even Potpourri.

Elves, Faeries & other fantasy creatures, including Leprechauns that are often overlooked.

Rain (when I can stay in bed & sleep to the sounds of it pattering against the windows); I have the hardest time staying awake on rainy days & it's not from boredom, just extreme comfort.

Opera cd's playing really loud; & once in a while actually attending one (though I've only been to see a handful). I plan to go more often when I'm rich.

As long as I have opera tickets (at a future time), I'd also have season tickets to basketball & football games (@ whichever state I'm living in).

Pre-20th Century times like ancient Rome, Renaissance Italy, England at any past time, or even colonial America (I might like to visit,but...)

Pre-Raphaelite art (like this bg) takes me back to times that I've never been to (ok, that makes no sense, but I know what I meant).

Running naked thru the park (no, not really).

Collecting Star Trek badges & pins (everyone's entitled to at least one dorky habit); it's not as if I dress up or anything - I just go & observe.

Visiting people's homepages & working on mine.

Traveling - I spent a few months in Paris & even visited a few other countries while there. It was definitely the best time ever!

Constellations, & even some astrology (I'm a Taurus born in the year of the hare).

& I Love my Friends (you know who you are) :-)