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The Earth individuals are invariably of a practical nature and seldom do anything without a purpose. Before taking action that might be a waste of time, before allowing reason and logic to present all sides of an issue (some of which may not be of direct benefit to them), and before giving in to the sentimentality of emotions, Earth signs assess everything in terms of their personal goals. They expect some tangible reward or manifestation of gratefulness on the part of others in recognition of their efforts. At times it is hard to convince Earth sign personalities that everything cannot be measured in terms of its material worth. At other times, the practical nature of the Earth sign is a valuable asset. Their eye for value lets them see the worthiness of people as well as things that may not be so readily apparent to others. They are remarkable at discovering ways to conserve resources. They instinctively recognize and enjoy the material comforts of life and don't mind expending energy in that direction. Earth signs are not particularly motivated to do anything until they find it expedient to do so. Will doggedly pursue anything that fills a basic need or desire. patiently tries to secure their own needs through service and responsibility to others, though they are not above using guilt as a weapon to get what they want. Will forego temporary needs and desires. They are in it for the long haul. No matter how long it takes to get there, their goals are met when they are put in charge and can do whatever they like.

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