This page takes longer to load because there are photo scans & java banners in here. The reason they are here is so that whoever passes by this page may take a look. Maybe you've seen one of these missing children somewhere. There are parents hoping that their children are found asap & those children are wishing that their parents will find them right away. The way to make that happen is by having as many people as possible on the lookout. It's not just a job for the police, it's up to everyone to take an interest. Even if it's a thousand-to-one shot that someone who comes across a missing child will see a poster, net banner or milk carton with that child's face, it's worth trying. If there are enough people taking a look - there's bound to be that thousandth person who recognizes a face & saves a life.

Have You Seen Me Call 1-800-THE-LOST if you've seen this child. Click on the image for case details. We support the work of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
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Polly Klaas
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