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Goddesses of the Web Award 60.1KB

Lindasue was the first person to give me an award. Thank you Sweetie for making me feel like I actually accomplished something after ages of trying & getting nowhere.

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Friendship gift 10.8KB This was Connie's way of giving me a warm welcome. She's a real sweetheart who took the time to give me a some help with learning to make guestbook logos.

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Blueyes Award of Excellence 8.02KB

Thanks Blueyes - you're a foxy lady with real talent. I'll keep an eye out for the gifs you like to collect.

Beautiful angel child 16KB

Blueyes gave me this gift for being the lucky 250th person to sign her guestbook.

Blueyes Thank You 11KB

This is for supporting my friend in the site fights.

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merrydon's award 18.1KB

I'm not gonna explain what this is about. If you're intrigued, you just have to go see what this fascinating guy is up to. He has a most interesting hobby - I highly recommend dropping by...

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Designs by Janis award 14.6KB

I went out in search of clipart & graphics & look what I get - this fabulous award that looks like the paintings I always hoped, I'll one day be able to afford.(knock-on-wood) Thank you Janis, I really appreciate it.

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